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In 2030, the international pharmaceutical company Athena took control of the world. It promised only one thing – Together for a Better Tomorrow. Its goal was to cure and fully reintegrate people suffering from one of the most widespread civilization diseases into normal living. One day the company achieved a huge success – they invented a cure for this disease, which scientists have been trying to develop for several decades.

It all started when the parent company began distributing a drug that was supposed to change the lives of more than 70% of the world’s population to the pharmaceutical market. The whole world did not talk about anything else – doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical industry employees, reputable organizations, or council of experts commented on the medicine. However, they did not warn the public of the drug’s side effects.

In the beginning, everything seemed to be perfect. The whole world was excited about such a huge success that scientists had been trying for decades. The drug was applied daily until a person with some worrying symptoms of the mutation appeared – Patient Zero. Soon, there were more and more cases and gradually these symptoms appeared throughout the population.

People began to change under the influence of chemical reactions after applying the drug, and the hope for mankind turned into a deadly disease affecting all continents. Due to this contagion, the world has become an unsuitable place to live. Large cities divided into districts, separated by thick and high walls, behind which only growls, hoarseness, or desperate cries could be heard, became an everyday part of this life.

People who did not show mutations were forced to rely on themselves and defend their safety and dwelling as best they could. Finally, in search of safety, food, medicine, or weapons, they were forced to leave their shelters. Many of the survivors did not survive the enemy attack and became undead.

Can you survive in the streets full of enemies? And last but not least… can you face not only the enemies but also the various challenges that await you?

If you think so, enjoy it! Millions of mutated beings craving your blood stand against you, and you never know when your hour will come…

Good luck with your mission! You’ll need it!